“All our best men are laughed at in this nightmare land.”
– Jack Kerouac

Friday, May 13, 2011

NYU rejection update

Just got this email after writing back about my rejection to the NYU creative writing MFA program for fiction.  Not much but at least they responded...

      "Thank you for your email message regarding your application for admission to the Graduate School. I understand your disappointment in not being offered admission. As mentioned in our letter, the candidates for admission were exceptionally competitive. The reasons for a denial of admission are complex. Applications are reviewed by several committees and there can be many reasons why an offer may not be made.

You may find a review of the department’s website helpful in order to learn about what qualities are important for a successful application. If that does not answer your questions, then I suggest that you contact the Director of the Admissions Committee in the department. The email address may be found in the FAQ section of our Application Resource Center at gsas.nyu.edu (Email Addresses for Departments and Programs). You specifically should focus the discussion on ways in which your application might be strengthened, if you were to apply again in the future.

If you were to apply again in the future, it would be helpful for you to review our policies regarding reapplying for admission. They are described in the Application Policies section of the Application Resource Center. Application deadline dates and forms for 2012 will be available in September 2011.

I wish you every success with your future endeavors.


Roberta S. Popik
Associate Dean

---- Thank you Dean.
         I'll be working on 'strengthening' my application in the meantime..

Friday, May 6, 2011

On the Train

   Riding the subway home from work the other night.   I had gotten out a little bit earlier that night.  It was about 12.   Two girls got on and were sitting across the way and diagonal from me.  They both had model physiques and were young and  i thought it seemed a little precarious them being on the train at this hour.   I was sitting and writing in a small journal notebook.  On my way home from a shift of working in the restaurant. They could've been only about 17 or something.  They were talking about some guy but that they didnt like that he "drank so much".  It caught my attention for a second and I thought it was funny. How drinking is not a desirable character trait really. 
   One of them it seemed like was posing a little.  They had noticed me a little and one seemed to be posing the way that they probably do for a camera.  At 42nd street the train car filled up and got crowded and I couldn't see them anymore.