“All our best men are laughed at in this nightmare land.”
– Jack Kerouac

Monday, August 15, 2016

Work and CA

8 07 16

Headed to CA after working three nights. Yelled at today for smoking my vapor e cig in the private dining room while we were on our pre-service break. Thought I was gonna get written up for it but didn't.

8 15 16
In CA. Nice to be out of New York and away from waiting tables for awhile. I would prefer to stay out here indefinately. Aja saying that I should try to be more bicoastal. That has been my plan for the last 12 years,I say. It hasn't quite panned out for me.
Well if you write a bestselling book you can. She says.
I got the book part done just not the bestselling part, I say.
Maybe that will change.
Maybe I should look for a waiting job out here. Some kind of work. Work on the Plague book some more. It doesn't seem as interesting as subject here but think it will translate.
H1NZ. Seeing a guy in LA who is working at a cafe that seems to be infected with it also. He's looking a little macabre. Like you can see his bone structure a little too well.
"Are you coming to the worker's rally tonight?" I ask him.
He looks at me suspiciously. Maybe I misjudged him.

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